Unverified Commit 9eee69c0 authored by Nathanael Dalliard's avatar Nathanael Dalliard Committed by Josh Habdas

fix($layouts): resolve search layout header display

sometimes the search header was not updating. not any more

fixes #104
parent e054ff78
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
<div id="search-results">
<article v-for="result in results" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/CreativeWork">
<header itemprop="name">
<h2 itemprop="name"><a :href="result.item.url">{ result.item.title }</a></h2>
<h2 itemprop="name"><a :href="result.item.url"><span v-html="result.item.title"></span></a></h2>
<div v-html=result.item.summary itemprop="description"></div>
<nav class="readmore"><a itemprop="url" :href="result.item.url">Read More&nbsp;&raquo;</a></nav>
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