Commit f2923e2a authored by Cool Fire's avatar Cool Fire

Try 4h

parent e0629e30
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ end
def getloads(servers, loads)
servers.each_with_index do |server, i|
@influxdb.query "SELECT \"time\",\"5min\" FROM \"ucd_load\" WHERE \"hostname\" = '#{server[2]}' AND time > now() - 8h" do |_name, _tags, points|
@influxdb.query "SELECT \"time\",\"5min\" FROM \"ucd_load\" WHERE \"hostname\" = '#{server[2]}' AND time > now() - 4h" do |_name, _tags, points|
points.each do |point|
dt = DateTime.parse(point['time'])
stamp = sprintf "%02d:%02d", dt.hour + 1, dt.minute
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