Commit 24e06f19 authored by Berke Viktor's avatar Berke Viktor
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Update XChat to r1515

parent ed0e530b
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ highlights. The full CVS log is available at
previous versions.
- Fixed a bug with the URL Grabber where it fails to grab a URL if the URL
is the first thing in the message.
- Change /ignore <nick> to always add !*@* if <nick> does not contain ? or *
- Perl (Lian Wan Situ)
* Added two new options to hook_print, run_after_event and filter. See
documentation for details.
......@@ -2227,8 +2227,7 @@ cmd_ignore (struct session *sess, char *tbuf, char *word[], char *word_eol[])
mask = word[2];
if (strchr (mask, '?') == NULL &&
strchr (mask, '*') == NULL &&
userlist_find (sess, mask))
strchr (mask, '*') == NULL)
mask = tbuf;
snprintf (tbuf, TBUFSIZE, "%s!*@*", word[2]);
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