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# HexChat ChangeLog
## 2.9.4 (2012-11-10)
* fix alerts when omit alerts in away option is set
* fix dialog icon in userlist popup
* fix opening links on Mac
* fix default network in the Network List
* fix initial folder in file dialogs
* fix positioning the nick change dialog
* fix error message for busy servers
* fix filename encoding errors
* fix Fedora spec file
* fix Raw Log content being impossible to copy when auto-copy is disabled
* fix rough icon rendering in most windows on Windows
* fix config folder when specified with -d argument
* add built-in support for SASL authentication via CAP
* add support for identify-msg/multi-prefix server capabilities
* add text events for CAP related messages
* add support for the SysInfo plugin on Unix
* add option to change update check frequency and delay for first check
* add option to change GUI language on Windows
* add Ignore entry to userlist popup
* add Afrikaans, Asturian, Danish, Gujarati, Indonesian, Kinyarwanda and Malayalam translations
* add ChangeLog and ReadMe links to Start Menu during installation on Windows
* add manual page on Unix
* add icon support for 3 levels above op user mode
* change default colors, text events and user list/channel tree icons
* make Esc key close the Raw Log window
* use Consolas as the default font where available
* open dialog window for double-clicking in the user list by default
* variable separation, cleanup and renaming
* check in the installers whether Windows release is supported by HexChat
* display previous value after /SET
* reorganize the Settings menu and add new options
* redesign the About dialog
* show certain help messages in GTK+ dialogs instead of command line
* build system cosmetics on Unix
* reorganize repo file structure
* rebranding
* update translations
* update the network list
## 2.9.3 (2012-10-14)
* fix various URL detection bugs
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