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Updated python get_info docs

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......@@ -155,13 +155,20 @@ context. At the moment of this writing, the following information types
are available to be queried:
* **away:** Away reason or None if you are not away.
* **channels** Channel of the current context.
* **channel:** Channel name of the current context.
* **charset:** Charset in current context.
* **event_name NAME:** Returns text event string for requested event.
* **gtkwin_ptr:** Current Gtk Window.
* **hexchatdir:** HexChat config directory e.g.: "~/.config/hexchat".
* **hostname:** Real hostname of the server you connected to.
* **host:** Real hostname of the server you connected to.
* **inputbox:** Contents of inputbox.
* **network:** Current network name or None.
* **nick:** Your current nick name.
* **nickserv:** Current networks nickserv password or None.
* **modes:** Current channel modes or None.
* **server:** Current server name (what the server claims to be) or None if you are not connected.
* **topic:** Current channel topic.
* **win_status:** Returns status of window: 'active', 'hidden', or 'normal'.
* **version:** HexChat version number.
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