Commit 6fd3a18f authored by Berke Viktor's avatar Berke Viktor
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Update to XChat r1510

parent 9a5c8c2f
......@@ -385,11 +385,21 @@ Util_Autoload_from (const char *dir_name)
static void
const char *xdir;
char *sub_dir;
/* we need local filesystem encoding for chdir, opendir etc */
/* auto-load from ~/.xchat2/ or %APPDATA%\X-Chat 2\ */
xdir = xchat_get_info(ph, "xchatdirfs");
Util_Autoload_from(xchat_get_info(ph, "xchatdirfs"));
/* auto-load from subdirectory plugins */
sub_dir = malloc (strlen (xdir) + 9);
strcpy (sub_dir, xdir);
strcat (sub_dir, "/plugins");
free (sub_dir);
#ifdef WIN32 /* also auto-load C:\Program Files\XChat\Plugins\*.py */
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