Commit bf269d2e authored by TingPing's avatar TingPing

Of course mimetype doesn't work on Windows..

parent 755932c3
......@@ -1060,8 +1060,18 @@ static void
setup_browsefile_cb (GtkWidget *button, GtkWidget *entry)
/* used for background image only */
char *filter;
int filter_type;
#ifdef WIN32
filter = "*png;*.tiff;*.gif;*.jpeg;*.jpg";
filter_type = FRF_EXTENSIONS;
filter = "image/*";
filter_type = FRF_MIMETYPES;
gtkutil_file_req (_("Select an Image File"), setup_filereq_cb,
entry, NULL, filter, filter_type|FRF_RECENTLYUSED);
static void
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