Commit d1304661 authored by hasufell's avatar hasufell

BUILD: use a blacklist rather than a whitelist for python versions

parent 0c4e343b
...@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(xlib, ...@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(xlib,
xlib=$enableval, xlib=yes) xlib=$enableval, xlib=yes)
[AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-python=pythonversion],[build the python plugin; possible values: python2, python2.7, python3, python3.3 (default on, python2)])], [AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-python=pythonversion],[build the python plugin; possible values: "python2", "python3" or specific such as "python3.3" (default on, python2)])],
python=$enableval, python=python2) python=$enableval, python=python2)
AS_IF([test "x$python" = "xyes"], [python=python2]) AS_IF([test "x$python" = "xyes"], [python=python2])
...@@ -338,14 +338,23 @@ dnl ********************************************************************* ...@@ -338,14 +338,23 @@ dnl *********************************************************************
if test "x$python" != xno ; then if test "x$python" != xno ; then
case $python in case $python in
python2|python2.7) dnl set python2 default here
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([PY], [python-2.7], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find python-2.7!)]) PKG_CHECK_MODULES([PY], [python-2.7], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find python-2.7!)])
PY_VER="`$PKG_CONFIG --modversion python-2.7`";; PY_VER="`$PKG_CONFIG --modversion python-2.7`";;
python3|python3.3) dnl set python3 default here
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([PY], [python-3.3], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find python-3.3!)]) PKG_CHECK_MODULES([PY], [python-3.3], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find python-3.3!)])
PY_VER="`$PKG_CONFIG --modversion python-3.3`";; PY_VER="`$PKG_CONFIG --modversion python-3.3`";;
dnl add broken versions here
AC_MSG_ERROR(Unsupported Python version ${python}!);;
python="python-${python#python}" # stay posix compliant
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([PY], [${python}], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find "${python}.pc"!)])
PY_VER="`$PKG_CONFIG --modversion ${python}`";;
*) *)
AC_MSG_ERROR(Unsupported ${python}. Only python2.7 and python3.3 are currently supported!) AC_MSG_ERROR(Unsupported Python ${python}!)
esac esac
AC_MSG_CHECKING(Python version) AC_MSG_CHECKING(Python version)
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