Commit de7a4aee authored by Berke Viktor's avatar Berke Viktor

Make identd check easier to read

parent b43e567d
......@@ -962,12 +962,14 @@ server_read_child (GIOChannel *source, GIOCondition condition, server *serv)
#ifdef WIN32
if (prefs.identd)
if (serv->network)
identd_start ((((ircnet *)serv->network)->user) ?
(((ircnet *)serv->network)->user) :
if (serv->network && ((ircnet *)serv->network)->user)
identd_start (((ircnet *)serv->network)->user);
identd_start (prefs.username);
snprintf (outbuf, sizeof (outbuf), "%s/auth/xchat_auth",
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