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## Notes on testing the lydia6 role
This role relies on some configurations to be present for the hardware that are normally set up in the PXE boot and install for the real hardware. In order to use this profile you will need to;
### Add an extra disk to your virtualbox VM
Mount the disk inside the VM as `/coldstorage`. If you do not want to go trough the trouble, you can also just create a folder called `/coldstorage`, but filesystem quotas will then spill over into the coldstorage drive so only do this if you do not need to test the functioning of the quota system.
### Set the quota mount options for the root disk
The filesystem mount options are also set during the initual setup on the real hardware, so in order to test with this profile we need to manually enable quotas in the VM. For your root disk add the options `jqfmt=vfsv0,` to the root partition mount line in `/etc/fstab`. Either reboot or run `sudo mount -o remount /` in the VM to enable the new options.
### Some fake users
Since you will not be able to access the real LDAP server to pull in the user accounts, you will need to manually add some users to the system to test with, or test with the built-in vagrant user if you want to. Just take note that if you break config for the vagrant user during testing you may break the login to the box and might have to restore a snapshot.
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