Commit d685c330 authored by Cool Fire's avatar Cool Fire

Add route to do email lookups for any user

parent 3fffa217
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......@@ -122,6 +122,19 @@ class Manager2Api < Sinatra::Base
erb :result, locals: { message: 'Set new email contact address' }
# Do a lookup for the contact email address of another user
post '/v1/user/email/lookup' do
check_param(params, 'username')
halt erb :error, locals: { code: 400, message: 'User not found' } unless user_check(params['username'])
erb :result, locals: {
message: 'Retreived contact email address',
result: mysql_get_contactmail(params['username'])
# Send an invite
post '/v1/user/invite/new' do
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