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header: Insomnia 24/7 shells signup
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  <h3>Specifying your reasons</h3>
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  <p>If you have an invite code you need not enter any additional reasons, though you are free to add them if you so desire. For those of you who do not have an invite code, please be as detailed as possible. Describe what projects you have planned or are working on now, what role our shell server would play in the development process, and why you cannot use another free service such as a free web host or Github for example. Add anything else you feel is relevant or may help us decide to give you a shell account. If you have any question or doubts about any of this please stop by <a class="text-info" href="https://chat.insomnia247.nl:9000/">our chat</a>.</p>
  <p>Though we do not have a set list of reasons for which we do create accounts, there are a few we will definitely not give out accounts for. We are very sorry if this includes your desired usage but we need to enforce this to keep our service viable in the long term. We hope you understand.</p>
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  <p>The list of known "bad" reasons can be found on <a class="text-info" href="https://wiki.insomnia247.nl/wiki/Shells_FAQ#What_are_bad_reasons_for_an_invite.3F">our wiki</a>.
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